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“The success of “Artists’ Postcards” comes from its combination of two apparently contradictory ideas — cheap art and good art—with the intention of making “nice objects” that could circulate to a wide audience….The choice of format was also appropriate since artists have always been fond of postcards for their dry iconic images and pop iconography; and in this show, the postcard form provided plenty of opportunity for visual wit and clever satire.”

“Perhaps the most important aspect of Artists' Postcards was the close relationship between image and reproduction… Artists' Postcards made a few essential choices designed to close the gap between original artwork and its reproduction. The images were made exactly the same size as the finished postcard, so there was a one-to-one correspondence between original and duplicate; images were designed specifically to be reproduced, so the intent was present in their conception; and the printing process itself was adjusted to harmonize with the artist’s needs. The experiment used six different printers and many different paper stocks.”

Kay Larson

Associate Editor, ARTnews

Politicks, April 11, 1978